Echo Zhou

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  • Country:   Canada
  • Province/State:   Ontario
  • City:   Toronto
  • How do you Identify?:   Chinese Canadian
  • Age:   27
  • Field of Work:   Fiction/Scripted, Documentary, and Other
  • Union:   Non-Union
  • Interested In:   For-Hire Work
  • Favourite TV Shows:   The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Killing Eve, Reply 1997, Sherlock, Queer Eye, Downton Abbey
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My name is Echo Zhou, and I am a freelance set and lighting designer for theatre and live events based in Toronto. I am also bilingual (Chinese, English).

I trained in scenic painting, prop making, set decor, computer and hand drafting, and I took art direction class in university. I became a permit of ITASE 873 scenic painting department in 2017. I have a few years of practice with design(both set and lighting), props, scenic painting in theatre, but I don’t have any experience with film or tv yet.


I enjoy discovering details of a film, either is the colour palette, shot angle, or details of set dressing. I believe everything shows in the shot is essential- it could reveal a point later in the storyline, or it could set the tone for the film.

I am creative, innovative and hard-working, and I am looking to grow my craft in the art department world as an art director assistant, set dresser, prop person or painter. Ultimately I hope I can design both theatre and film.