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Kyle Schmalenberg


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  • Country:   Canada
  • Province/State:   Ontario
  • City:   Toronto
  • How do you Identify?:   Mixed
  • Age:   28
  • Field of Work:   Fiction/Scripted and Documentary
  • Union:   Non-Union
  • Interested In:   TV Writing Room, Directing TV For Hire, Directing Film/Digital for Hire, Directing Music Videos/Commercials, and Developing my own Film/TV/Digital Material
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Kyle is a filmmaker whose unique (ethnic/cultural) background has informed a lot of his story-telling interests. By being Canadian, but with parents from Austria and Bermuda, and being raised in mainland China, Kyle has seen dozens of countries and cultures which have all taught him new perspectives on what it means to be a human being. These overarching themes–of family, community, fellowship, etc–are what motivate Kyle to bring to his projects.

He has worked on TV shows in the U.S. and Canada on channel such as Bravo and CBC, as well as broadcast and online commercials for brands like Air Miles, RBC, Tim Hortons, Air Jordan, and AMEX. Where he most proudly uses his skills is in communitybased and humanitarian films, such as serving as facilitator, writer, director, and editor for Illumine Media ProjectsHow We Grow web series, human rights documentary work on behalf of the Baha‘i Faith and for the United Nations, and documentary work for Special Olympics Canada. He was a cocreator and facilitator at NFSI and is also pursuing a Masters in counselling and psychotherapy. After spending over 5 years in commercial content and media-creation for various international humanitarian campaigns, Kyle is in pre-production on his first feature–a film he wrote and will direct. 


I come from a background in science. I hold a degree in Kinesiology from Queen’s University and am now at the end of a Masters of Counselling Psychology. When I started working in film, it was at a time in my life where I felt people desperately needed to be seeing more thats positive and hopeful in the world–and importantly, from various voices and perspectives.

I believe in a tremendous nobility inherent in each human being–a quality which our existing systems and structures often try to stamp out. Like anyone with their eyes open, particularly people of colour and women (who most closely feel the effects of systemic issues and oppression), I know I have the capacity to contribute in a meaningful way and story telling is that vehicle for me. This is why my resume is so full of grassroots media initiatives, projects that focus on educating and empowering young people to tell their own stories, projects that shed light on injustices and offer hope for the future. When I made a video calling out the egregious religious persecution of Baha’is in Yemen, that got millions of views globally and reached officials of dozens of countries at the United Nations, and a man on death row got released soon after–that’s when I realized the tremendous power in this craft.

Simply put, I make films and tell stories to promote the way I feel the world should be, and how people should engage with one another, to highlight where we come from and where we can look forward to going. I do this because I know that it really does have an effect.