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Triden V Balasingam (born April 28) is an award-winning film director and editor. He is known as the most successful filmmaker for low-budget films in the Tamil Diaspora. He has secured 14 awards along with his cast and crew. His films are executed in an unorthodox manner with a very limited budget. Aside from filmmaking, Triden writes web journals, stories, and articles. Huge numbers of his articles were well known in print media.

Early Life
Triden was born in the northern part of Jaffna, a district in Sri Lanka. The northern Peninsula was heavily affected by arms conflicts. His father is an entrepreneur who had lost his manufacturing plant during military opperation. He grew up there attending local schools and facing these harsh circumstances including poverty. But his inevitable passion for film making surpassed all the obstructions.



He is a self-taught cinema director and learner. He had his first professional job as a non-linear editor for a trilingual television network and it was his first step towards his successful career. He made his mark in no time. Triden was best known for his high proficiency in three languages. Later on, he migrated to Canada and performed a significant role in producing countless unique television programs. He was also the mastermind behind the first successful digital cinema for Diaspora Tamil movies. He also directed the same movie with such technical perfection that it was absorbed by the Cineplex entertainment network with a collection of 64 shows. In recent years, he had also been a student of Vijay Armstrong who is a famous cinematographer from south Indian movies. Because of his teachings, it is quite certain that Triden is influenced by technique called utilizing and manipulating available light source. He uses these skills and also handles the cameras along with DP for perfection in a complex shot.
The past project he has worked on includes an award-winning short film “Toaster” which scrutinizes the consequences of the west’s involvement in the Middle East and the creation of a terrorist on an individual level. It has won many awards in different categories. Another recent work highlights his qualities as a director is a Chinese project “Story of a falcon” which portrays a fighter who never gives up. At present, he is working on a project named “CinC.”

Triden has a very strong storytelling style and he proved that you could tell a great story with a micro-budget. It’s hard to relate micro-budget and quality but he has done quite well in this regard. He prefers shooting in real locations and the staging of a scene is very different from independent filming sets. He often makes his actors improvise their dialogues on set. His cast often mentioned that his scripts are rich with technical notes and editorial remarks as he often edits his movies.