Vivian Xavier

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  • Country:   Canada
  • Province/State:   Ontario
  • City:   Toronto
  • How do you Identify?:   South Asian
  • Age:   37
  • Field of Work:   Fiction/Scripted, Documentary, and Other
  • Union:   Non-Union
  • Interested In:   For-Hire Work and Shadowing
  • Favourite Movies:   Rules of The Game, Ran, Like Father Like Son,Still Walking, Nobody Knows, Children of Men, The Ten Commandment, Red White and Blue trilogy, JFK, Kramer Vs Kramer, Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Scenes from a Marriage, Andrei Rubelev,
  • Favourite TV Shows:   The Wire, M*A*S*H, Brooklyn 99, Seinfeld, Frasier, Broadchurch, Shetland, Line of Duty, Breaking Bad, The Night Of, Better Call Saul, Mindhunter, Fargo, Stranger, Bad Guys
  • Contact Information:   6479641983
  • Link:


Vivian Xavier is a professional cinematographer with 6+ years of experience in television commercials, short films, documentaries and music videos. His forte is narrative filmmaking as he is adept at conceptualising the written script to images.

He is a graduate of Florida State University’s MFA film production programme and is a recipient of the 2011 Fulbright Scholarship. In 2017 he was chosen to represent Pakistan at the Asian Film  Academy, a talent incubator in  Busan, South Korea and in 2019 he was chosen as Pakistan’s only 2nd student at Busan Asian Film School; a school run by the Busan Film Commission as an incubator to produce Creative Producers in Asia. He was taught, amongst others, by Darcy Parquet, who subtitled Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite.

He has shot commercials for the likes of Coca Cola and  Cadbury as well as short films that were funded by the US Embassy in Pakistan and music videos for new artists and seasoned veterans ( 3 Bahadur-Shiraz Uppal).


I am a recent immigrant filmmaker looking to grow my network and be part of projects. Ideally i’d like to shoot commercials, music videos, short and feature films as well as documentaries. My forte is narrative filmmaking but i bring that aesthetic sensibility to every project. I think it is imperative to be able to collaborate with all storytellers so that there is representation of all perspectives because that is the only way we can affect any change. I work primarily as a cinematographer but i am equally adept at producing roles and can work in that capacity to facilitate productions.